Freedom Virginia — a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to building a Commonwealth where all families have the financial freedom to thrive — today announced the results of their 2023 Affordability Scorecard. This session, Freedom Virginia tracked votes on a host of bills impacting Virginians’ economic security, including healthcare, energy, housing, taxes, and paid leave.  At the start of session, all legislators were informed that Freedom Virginia would communicate to the public about the votes taken on key legislation affecting these issues.

Virginians deserve to know what votes their legislators took this session when it comes to lowering costs for all Virginians. All of the bills included in the scorecard will make life more affordable for Virginians by lowering the cost of medicine, lowering electricity bills, providing paid medical leave to protect economic security in the event of health and family emergencies, and expanding access to affordable housing.

Below are the members Freedom Virginia is highlighting as champions and allies of the cause. Freedom Virginia is spending over $50,000 on a mail and digital program to acknowledge our champion legislators for their support of our policy agenda.

Freedom Virginia